What should I look for in a jogging stroller?

You can use any sturdy stroller for Stroller Strides classes but if you're looking to buy a new stroller, here are some things you might want consider when looking for a jogging stroller:

  • · Larger, inflatable wheels (this will make the stroller glide easier on several different terrains)
  • · Adjustable handlebar if you are taller or shorter than average
  • · Durable/washable fabric
  • · Good air flow for baby
  • · Adequate shade cover for baby
  • · Large stride clearance (this is the distance between the ground and the back axle of the stroller; if you have a large stride, a small clearance may result in hitting this bar when you run).
  • · Front wheel that can swivel and become fixed
  • · Caddy/storage areas
  • · Shock absorbers
  • · Can accommodate your baby for a large age range (6 weeks- 3+ years)
  • · When purchasing a double stroller, consider the size of your car and doorways