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The motherhood is real, and it takes a village to raise littles. By writing, we share stories, and by sharing stories, we create a place filled with love, support, and reassurance. Through sharing stories of our motherhood and our journey as parents, we offer support and an opportunity to connect and empower other moms, dads, expecting parents, and humans, in general...come on over, get cozy and curl up, grab a glass of coffee or wine, and browse through articles and resources that feel like home to you.

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Looking for mom friendly events in Cincinnati? Check out our March fitness classes, playgroups, mom's night out and more in this month's newsletter.


The beginning of the year is a popular time for women to explore new fitness routines. Many women, especially moms are flocking to group fitness programs – and with good reason. Group fitness classes offer the opportunity to experience movement in a safe, encouraging environment, inspiring meaningful changes both physically and mentally. At FIT4MOM we believe in the #strengthinmotherhood and deliver the group support and community many women are searching for when they enter motherhood.


Cold climates can make following run training programs difficult. While treadmill or indoor track running may be an option, some moms may opt for running outside. Here are some tips to get the most out of their winter running.


It's the mostttttt wonderful timeeeeee of the yearrrrrrr (hope you just sang that with us)...

BY SHELLEY HOPPER, FIT4MOM Digital Media Manager and Editor