Running in Cold Weather

Cold climates can make following run training programs difficult. While treadmill or indoor track running may be an option, some moms may opt for running outside. Here are some tips to get the most out of their winter running.

  • Dress warmer on top than the bottom. Legs can withstand the cooler temps more than the upper body.
  • Breathable gloves and a headband to cover ears will allow sweat to dissipate. Athletic neck warmers may also be needed on particularly cooler temps.
  • Extremities will chill the fastest, so think about your toes, fingers, and nose.
  • If the ground is particularly wet- two pairs of socks will help keep feet dry, otherwise one pair of socks should be sufficient. Our Run Club Coach, Kelly recommends merino wool socks. Doubling socks when the temperature gets in the negatives is also a good idea.
  • Reflective material should be considered, as well as running against traffic to watch for oncoming cars.
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  • Keep in mind that windchill is a more accurate temperature to go by than the actual temperature outside.
  • It is good to feel cool before winter running. If you feel comfortable, you will end up too hot and sweaty during the run.
  • After it snows, sidewalks may not be shoveled, whereas streets may have been plowed.
  • Snow is best to run on when it is first falling. The next day after it is packed down it can start to be slicker.
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  • Take time to properly warm-up. Warm-ups in the winter may take longer than other months.
  • Anticipate running at a slightly slower pace to accommodate for temperatures, extra layers, and your body’s natural adjustments to the cold.
  • Running in a cold climate is still possible and may be preferred by some moms, plus it’s a great way to fight the winter blues.

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